Yes And Amen

Posted by Chris

I can say with one hundred percent certainty that the very first time I heard Housefire’s “Yes And Amen” I was wrecked by the overwhelming presence of the Spirit. What a simple and profound truth that is found within the lyrics… “All Your promises are ‘yes’ and ‘amen.'” And yet, within that simple truth lies such an anointing that it’s literally palpable. It’s almost impossible to listen to that song without hearing how anointed Nate Moore is when he sings the lyrics. Even more so, I recently came across a recent worship service at Bethel Church where Jeremy Riddle led this song. The man is anointed as it is when it comes to leading others to the throne of our Father, but when I listen and watch him sing this song I am driven to my knees. I am so unexplainably thankful for the grace that Jesus Christ has given to me and offers to all of us when we put our trust and our faith in Him and call him our Savior.

I have seen and heard from others around me how this song has been a reminder when they needed it most that our God is faithful. That when they are standing at the bottom of the highest mountain they know that our God has already overcome that mountain. In my own life it has been a song of strength as I see and feel devastation all around me. In these dark days, Immanuel is still here with us, and his Word and his promises are still unfailing – now and until the time of his return. This Sunday, we will be leading “Yes And Amen” in our worship services, and in the midst of that song our congregation will be able to bear witness to the testimony of a man I have watched not only claim the message of that song as his own, but use that message to unashamedly proclaim Christ in his life to others. I have seen the hand of God do great and mighty wonders, and truly all of His promises are “yes” and “amen.”